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Laurent La Rocca defines himself as an artistic explorer.

With him, the expression "artist's universe" takes on its full meaning : his universe has no limits.

Laurent dreams of a better world and participates in its creation through his works. It is undoubtedly for this reason that one of his favorite expressions is : "art must travel".


Drawing his inspiration from the constellations of reggae, dub, jazz, soul, electro, the winds of his creativity lead Laurent towards new galaxies.

Like the Man walking for the first time on the Moon, Laurent began on stage as the bassist of the Marseille reggae group Daïpivo with which he released four albums.

Guitar, djembe, drums, piano and many other instruments are the stars of his universe. The latter is accompanied by singing comets for which he composes many pieces.

His music illustrates his adventure, donning the tunes of film soundtracks. Hypnotic, dark, dynamic and metallic sounds reminiscent of the vastness and mystery of infinite spaces.

In 2022, he released three albums: ElectroFun, Evolution Dub and Dub Explorer with an almost gravitational appeal. In 2024, it's the Fantasy album that now resides on the interstellar waves.


Laurent La Rocca


It is for Laurent a planet discovered for a long time, not yet explored enough, whose music is the atmosphere.

Very young, Laurent immortalizes moments of joy, images with magical colors. Today, like a starry sky on a clear night, he gives free rein to his imagination and his feelings in an often abstract, even conceptual style.

Often applying mirror effects to his photographs, he then explores beyond the limits of the mind, thus creating pareidolia, these optical illusions associating an indefinite visual stimulus with a precise form.

His discoveries in the infinitely small transport to the infinitely large through his collections: "Love Chains" and "Vegetable Love" materialize the cosmic rays of Love. The impression of a meeting of the 3rd type is omnipresent in "Creatures". "Space Conquest" confirms a feeling of interstellar travel. “On the way” and “Nature’s Faces” are invitations to look at the world differently, to the confines of the imagination.

Projet Laurent La Rocca


When we know that, for Laurent, "imagining a moment is a way of living it", we understand that his art is a multidimensional journey in which he invites the spectators to accompany him.

Laurent's Big Bang would be to link these two major arts of photography and music to create a single one.

His final destination ? History will tell us ...

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