From the south of France, Laurent La Rocca is an eclectic artist : idealist, altruistic, he dreams of building a better world. He delivers his touch of humanity through his creations. He often says : "art must travel".​​​​​​

LLR guitare avec filtre.jpg


​​​​​​​​Passionate about music, Laurent La Rocca plays many instruments (bass, guitar, drums, djembe, piano, etc ...).

He has composed for several singers from different backgrounds during his career.

Solo, he found his inspiration in electronic music and explored the world of Dub.

For some time now, he has been focusing on the composition of film and documentary music in which he lets his emotions express themselves.


If Laurent La Rocca occupies the front of the stage with music, few people know his talent as a photographer. It is an area in which he excels.

With his sharp eye, he sees what we don't necessarily notice. Thus, the roots, the bark, the shells ... everything that surrounds it becomes a magical photograph that everyone can interpret according to their emotions.

LLR photo avec filtre.jpg

One day, I may have the opportunity to present his paintings and sculptures, but for now, let yourself be transported in his universe by admiring his photographs and enjoying his music.


Do not hesitate to contact him by sending a message via this site !