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Madalena Trabuco & Laurent La Rocca
Madalena Trabuco & Laurent La Rocca

Madalena Trabuco

The meeting between Madalena Trabuco and Laurent La Rocca is not new !

Indeed, it was in 2006 that Madalena recorded the EP "Iluminada Sabedoria" at Studio 20K in Marseille in collaboration with Laurent La Rocca, Ludovic Gaudez on the composition and Stéphane Cavin on the arrangements.

This EP is the result of a fraternal friendship and various influences of the protagonists : Madalena returned from two years with the group Sativa in Portugal, Laurent, meanwhile, was bassist of the engasté reggae group from Marseille Daïpivo.

From November 18, this beautiful opus will be available on all digital download and streaming platforms internationally.

Madalena Trabuco

Author, composer, singer. It was in 1998 that she joined her first music group and wrote her first songs.

In 2000, Madalena moved to Porto, where she composed new songs in French and Portuguese with the group “Sativa”. Together, they multiply the scenic experiences in Portugal, one of which was noticed during the first part of Lee Scratch Perry and Mad Professor at the Sá da Bandeira Theater in Porto.

In 2003, on her return to France, she broadened her repertoire towards world music with composers Laurent La Rocca and Ludovic Gaudez. At this same time, she will share the stage with the musicians of the reggae ska group "Daïpivo".

In 2008, Madalena moved to Paris and led to the creation of an album with the composer Antoine Essertier.

In 2011, his first single and his clip "Respectez-moi" is a real success on the cable channels.

In 2012, the artist will be noticed by Warner Music France and will be signed for the album "L'invitation au voyage". These scenic interventions will be noticed at the Deauville racecourse, in the first part of Boulevard des Airs at the Alhambra (Paris), of Anggun at the Trianon (Paris), of Tony Carreira at the Casino de Paris. We will find her in concert, at the wild concerts festival in Avoriaz, at the “Wall For Projection 2012” in Cassis, as well as in many Parisian venues.

She will be awarded in October 2013 during the commemoration gala of the Portuguese Republic at the Paris City Hall, the Honorary Prize for her investment in Portuguese-speaking cultural promotion.

She moved closer to her country of origin on March 8, 2014, to perform "Coração de filigrana" at the Song Festival in Lisbon (Eurovision Portugal).

In 2015, following the success of crowdfunding for the studio recording of "Transição" produced by Frantz Fagot in Paris, the album was put on sale on all legal digital download platforms and on CD in all FNAC stores in Portugal. That same year, she became Ambassador in Paris for the “Cantar Portugal” project, the objective of which is to create a show and a DVD of 20 traditional Portuguese songs with the community of Ile de France.

Meanwhile, in July 2015, the singer was invited to Porto Alegre in Brazil for the first France-Brazil meeting organized by the Sol do Sul association and the Alliance Française.

At the same time, his song "Respectez-moi" is studied in colleges in Portugal in the French learning manual "C'est top", section Save the planet.

It was in 2016 that fate led Rosivaldo Cordeiro multi-instrumentalist, producer in Manaus, Brazil and Madalena to meet to consider a guitar-voice album by merging their different Franco, Portuguese and Brazilian cultures. "Le Bateau des rêves", recorded in the lands of Provence and mixed in the heart of the Amazon, was released on international platforms on June 16, 2017.

The magnificent song "Canção de Engate" by Antonio Variações is adapted for the first time in French by Madalena. Renamed "Se Donner" in its French version, it is available on all international platforms on May 18, 2018 and its clip, directed by the singer, is released that same day.

On June 20, 2018, at the Amazonas Theater in Manaus, Brazil, Madalena is accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Marcelo De Jesus for the magnificent show ConnexionArt18.

In the meantime, we will find the singer in a duet with Lionel Achenza, singer of the Raspigaous for the single "Toi & Moi" in 2019.

The trip to the Amazon inspired Madalena to co-write the family show “ANA”. In creation residency at the Cultural Center of Cassis, the piece will be performed from 2020 to 2022 by Jean-Baptiste Brucker, Bénédicte Surel and Madalena Trabuco. The staging will be signed by Frédéric Soulayrol.

In a desire to bring together all his discography on online music platforms. The EP "Iluminada Sabedoria" recorded in 2006 at Studio 20K in Marseille in collaboration with Laurent La Rocca, Ludovic Gaudez on composition and Stéphane Cavin on arrangements will be released on November 18, 2022 for digital download internationally.

On November 21, 2022, Madalena enters the recording studio for a new EP at Studio K with Denis Théry at the helm, whose writing and compositions are signed by Lionel Achenza (Rapsigaous) and Madalena Trabuco. The digital release is planned for 2023.

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